I have noticed a lot of people talking about designating a particular day as a no spend day. I have not done this formally since every day is basically a no spend day for me. I have the days that I need to go to the supermarket…and this is usually on the weekend.

During the week I do not carry cash or my checkbook so I am unable to spend. I do carry the PayPal card with me but since I bring my own lunch I do not have the opportunity or the urge to spend.

Now with honey going out of town I will not have the car at all. This will increase my no spend days even more because I now have to look for a ride to go to WalMart. I will be doing the majority of my shopping when he comes back at the end of the month and I have to really plan out and budget my shopping well so that I can avoid unnecessary trips during the month.

Knowing my restrictions will definitely cause me to be more careful with the shopping money and other financial decisions.