I’m having to pay TWICE for my car registration. Well not the full amount…but still having to pay for things twice. I paid to have the inspection done and that went fine.

Next, I paid for the registration online and it seemed to go fine as well. I got my receipt and waited for the sticker to show up in the mail.

One week passes and there is no car registration sticker. I check the system and it says the sticker was mailed out.

Week two passes and still no sticker. I call the DMV and they say to wait.



The registration receipt and the message saying the sticker had been mailed ARE NOT VALID FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT!

Fast forward to today. I spent TWO hours in the DMV and was told that I had to pay for a replacement since the sticker was ‘lost’. I explained that it never arrived in the mail and the agent pointed out that the DMV website states that getting lost in the mail is one of the things that can happen. If this happens then individuals are urged to go to the local office and pay a nominal fee to get a replacement.

So now I am having to pay more money for my sticker, not to mention the time that I spent at the office. I renewed online to avoid having to do all of that time wasting.

What I don’t understand is if the DMV knows that stickers get lost…to the point they have it listed on their website…

Burning questions

-Why do they not offer delivery confirmation or even tracking?

-Why can’t you just present your receipt and get a replacement at the local office?

-Why do you even offer online renewal if people still have to go to the local office when the sticker is never delivered?