Right now it is wearing me out when I think of my limited income and all of my monthly expenses. It is exhausting me right now to stay on budget because it seems that expenses are growing exponentially and popping up all over the place, while income remains sadly fixed.

I also have to deal with the limited cash flow until I can graduate and get a job and at this point that time seems far away. I know I have it better than some people because at least I have a little job while I am in school but I am just seeing the bank balance dwindling and I am not sure how I will pay for the rest of this degree.

I have had to not enjoy a few things that I was interested in just so I could stay under the budget limits for the month. I do have a ‘fun’ fund but it is woefully tiny because there is only so much I can put in there on a monthly basis.

I just need to stick to it and try to find more sources of income and not let my tiny budget wear me out for too long!