I am still waiting on some income tax documents so I can finally cross filing taxes off my list. I have most of the documents that I need but there are still a few that are dragging along. I really want to have everything in so I can just fill out the forms and hit file.

I know the majority of people that I deal with on a daily basis actually dread doing their taxes. It is not because they are very complex or even because these people will have to pay. People just seem to be afraid of the word taxes like they fear the word budget.

I actually enjoy doing my taxes whether I get a refund or have to pay because I am just nerdy that way. I like seeing the bars in the online program advance as I fill things out. Good financial planning should mean that you get a very tiny refund or even have to pay a small amount!!! If you are getting a large refund it generally means that you have given the government use of your money for no reason.

In fact the only time you should get a big refund is if you have some of those really crazy credits coming in. If you have a big refund of your income tax because you were having too much withheld then that is just poor planning.

If you are not able to trust yourself to save then you need to have the savings automatically deducted and placed in an account that you do not have a debit card for. That way your money earns interest, instead of you letting Uncle Sam hold on to it for a whole year.

Until then I am still waiting on some income tax documents.