Once again I managed to come out in the black this month and it was to the tune of $317.05, despite being sidetracked by overspending at Walmart. I am sure that part of it was due to my reduced bills since I cut the cable as well but since I also sent a few snowflake payments here and there all the debits and credits have all run together.

I overspent on groceries by $143.02 and I really have no excuse for that. I do know that I lost my mind a little bit buying up different things to eat because I was bored with everything that was in the pantry.

I received $5.03 from Prosper and $13.96 from Lending Club from loans that were being repaid so that is a nice little return on my investments there.  If you would like a BONUS to begin investing with Lending Club just send me an email!!!!!

I did not buy a newspaper last month but redeemed $7 in coupons so that was a good haul for last month on the coupon base. I have already cut the coupons for this month out and cannot wait to see if I can make another profit on my coupon spree this time.