I am proud to say that I came out in the black again this February to the tune of $362.23, despite all the extra spending and debt payoffs for the month.. It could have been higher but I sent an extra snowflake payment of $555 to a credit card on top of the payment that I normally make.

We got paid yesterday and my Adsense also hit the account so despite going to the grocery store for some last minute spending at the end of the month I was able to stay in the positive figures.

I was able to do this because I got in some unexpected money from various sources and decided to apply it to debt repayment so that I could be free of credit card debt as soon as possible. Having credit card debt makes me feel dirty (like a frugal fraud) so I really want to get rid of it, even if it means that I only have $200 in savings.

I stayed well below the gas budget for the month and have $40 left to get gas but I am not even at a quarter tank as yet so I will not be buying gas this weekend.

I went over the electric budget for the month but I think that this horrible weather is to blame for that. We have had much more snow in the last few weeks than this place has seen in years!!!!

My No Spend Month did not go well at all since I did end up spending on non-essentials like a shirt for work. I think that the case with me is that when I talk about something like that I end up sabotaging myself. So for next month (March) I will ‘not’ be having a no spend month….I will just do it and see what happens.

I spent a total of $3 on coupons for the month but redeemed $21.47 so I had a profit of $18.47 for the month on coupons. This brings my spending and redemption of coupons to the following total for the year:

Total spent on coupons: $9.00

Total coupons redeemed: $30.47

Profit on coupons: $21.47