I was looking at where I started with all my debt and how far I have come. I wish that when I had decided to work on my debt I had taken a closer look at debt consolidation services.

While these may not work for everyone they certainly do give you some options that may not otherwise be available at the time you need them. I considered getting a loan from a bank that I dealt with on a regular basis but was denied. I did not have friends and family that I could borrow from, so using a service like this would have been one of my last resorts.

I was afraid of trying out for a debt consolidation service because I knew that they would pull my credit report and this would lower my credit score and make it harder for me to get that score up. I also thought that you had to have some major assets like a house in order to be able to qualify. With this new service you do not need to have a home in order to be considered for consolidation. Since there is no hard credit check there is no risk to your credit score being negatively impacted by using the service and they offer free financial planning that will allow you to negotiate lower monthly payments.