I have been having some technical issues here lately with the host of this site. I don’t know what the exact problems are but a few people have been telling me the site is down and then I am told that the host is down.

I am thinking of moving to a new host and wanted to find a web host rating site that could help me to make a good decision. I finally found such a site and although I will be leaving the final decision to my support person I wanted to see what other people were saying about some of the top web hosting providers.

I found that the site was easy to navigate and there were links to the various companies available from the main site.  There are also a few recent reviews from customers, which give details of their experiences with the companies. The experiences are good and bad so I think there is not such an element of bias in the reviews.

I will definitely take a closer look at all the user reviews here in order to be more knowledgable when I do get suggestions for my new host.

Do YOU have a favorite host that you would recommend to me?