I was recently in a really big financial mess. I had credti cards bursting at the seams with no visible way of paying them off. I was making the minimum payment on everything because that was all I could afford in order to not have any of the payments come up as late. Every month the balances were increasing because I was racking up interest on the cards and then I was adding more and more purchases to the cards as well.

I took up selling plasma to be able to cover the bills because I did not really have any other way that I could bring in more money.

I considered a number of things like Debt consolidation so that I could find a way to get rid of my debt but it all seemed hopeless.

For_opportunities I started to read personal finance blogs and when I heard about a few Debt relief programs I thought those might be a solution for me but I was not sure how to go about getting starte with them. I knew that I had to get Debt help and I needed to get it fast.

The first thing I needed to do was to check up on my financial IQ and see what I knew about my finances. I had to seriously think about my plan for my money so that I could work on a budget. Then with my budget in hand I could develop a plan for tackling the mess I was in financially.

When I had all the information down I wrote down all what I spent and tracked my money and then looked for areas I could cut down on the spending. The tips on this site are very helpful so you should check them out.
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