It is time once again for a review of an item!!! I just got the most amazing set of headphones EVER and I love them. They are called Flips and they basically combine headphones and speakers into one package. I must say I was a bit skeptical that I would like them but I tried them and they are now a major part of my day.

I received the box which shows the headphones with the speakers rotated outwards. Once you open the box you get the headphones encased in an egg shaped carrying pouch.

I was a bit worried because I thought the headphones might have an awkward shape or feel or might be uncomfortable because they were bent.

I pulled out the white egg and saw the headphones neatly folded to fit into the case. Here you can see what they look like when removed from the case

and finally when straightened out they are just normal headphones. The fit was snug yet comfortable so even after extended use they were still very easy on the ears…pardon the pun.

The amazing thing about the Flips is that, like the box says, they allow you to go from Solo to Social. What that means is that you get to flip the ear pieces over and have them act as speakers so you can share your music with others.

All you do is rotate the ear pieces on the arm and presto you have speakers.

When you rotate to speaker mode you can share the sound with those around you. The sound quality on headphone mode is about comparable with some other headphones but I am not a sound engineer so I cannot really speak to the details of that.

Now the sound quality on speaker mode is not the best that I have had but it was good enough for me. I do not claim to be a DJ so I do not need the most crisp sound ever on my flippable headphones.

I also do not plan on using them as speakers to host a party or anything like that. My main use will be around the house or around the office when I want to share music with someone but do not want them to use my earbuds…because that just grosses me out.

Anyway if you want to get a set of these for yourself here is some information on them.

They come in black or white on the website and I was given the white ones to review…although I really like the look of the black ones more!

They normally retail for $120 but you can get a $10 discount by using the information below.

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Disclaimer: Please note that I received these headphones to review for free!!!! I do not get any commissions from the sales and I was not provided any compensation for posting the review.