101 Ways to Magnetize Money by Matt Furey is a book about attracting, or magnetizing, money to your life. I received this book from the promoter to review so let’s go ahead to see what I found out.

The first thing I noticed is that the book is a very easy read. Every tip begins on a new page and some are a few sentences long while others are a few paragraphs.

The book is written in simple language and is very easy to follow along. The author suggests other books or websites that he found helpful right inside of each tip so that you can go ahead and look them up for further information.

The tips mainly focus on changing your mindset so that you can attract positive feelings into your life. This positivity will then attract money into your life in a number of ways.

Matt talks about being grateful for what you have. Far too often we complain about life without realizing that there is always someone in a worse off situation. I have been guilty of this myself…when I was working last year I complained all the time about this one person who made my life miserable.

What I should have focused on was the fact that I even HAD a job to go to every day where someone could get on my nerves. Looking back on this today…I see so many people who have lost their jobs…yet I can still pay the bills. I do not have to like EVERY single person I work with and I can go home and not have to deal with that person.

Matt suggests that the first thing we need to do is:

Tip 1 Start The Day with YES energy. Far too often we roll out of bed all grumpy and this clouds the rest of the day. I used to do that ALL the time when I worked at the restaurant. I would get up and groan at the thought of what I had to deal with.

The business was not doing well and my paycheck was suffering. When I developed a better attitude it seemed like everything went better and we made more money. Of course I ended up leaving that job…which brings me to another tip:

Tip 15 See Yourself DOING

This tip really means that you need to visualize exactly what you want. I wanted to leave the restaurant and go back to school. I saw myself going through the process of filling out the applications, registering and even going to class in my mind.

This detailed visualization allows you to see every step of the final goal and it is a mental checklist that you can use to complete your various tasks to get on the path to magnetizing money.

Tip 58 Throw Out The Junk

This is a tip I have recently started taking a closer look at, even before I read the book and I am glad to see it listed. Having a little bit of disorganization is good as it fosters creativity but most people confuse this with clutter.

I grew up not having much so I used to hoard stuff. I thought that I had to keep things because having ‘stuff’ meant that you were making it. I am a very emotional person and I especially hold on to items that have some kind of emotional meaning for me.

I realized that I had to throw out the stuff that was not making me a better person in order to make space for the things that WILL positively enrich my life.

Tip 51 Pay Yourself First

This is a tip that many personal finance bloggers already know and Matt emphasizes it in the book. He says that just knowing you have the savings ready will attract more money to your life as you are confident and able to take on tasks better.

Tip 52 Give Money Away

In this tip he says that you should give to those who are less fortunate than you are. I was always a bit leery of giving money away when I did not have any myself. How could I pay my bills if I put money in church or gave to the Red Cross?

Well I still don’t give to the Red Cross …but I do put money in church every Sunday. It started with $1 each time and now I put $5. I know it is not much….little kids next to me are dropping tens in the basket but I am making the effort to put money in. This money goes to the less fortunate and karma returns it to me.

Since I started putting money in church the blog is doing better, I feel better and life just seems to flow better. I do not know if it is as a direct result of giving but it is not hurting.

Tip 72 Don’t Be Afraid of More Taxes

I think this is a hard one for people in the US to deal with. I grew up in a country where we did not pay taxes like in the US.  As a result, the government did not have the money to build all the great roads and bridges that are in America.

It was not difficult for me to make the mental transition once I moved here because I saw all the wonderful things that ARE available because of the taxes that we pay. Instead of crying about the taxes, just be greatful once again that you do have a job and great roads and all the other things that come with that.

There are many other tips in the book that tell you little ways to improve your mindset and improve your financial karma. Some of the tips deal with a little bit of Feng Shui, some deal with more spiritual concepts but all of the 101 tips are doable.

I will be looking at implementing more of these tips in my daily life so that I can attract more money and wealth into my life.

Great book and a very easy read so I will be passing it on to a lucky reader. For your chance to win a copy of this book all you have to do is take the following steps:

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