So I finally took that candle inventory I was working on. I thought I had way more candles than the end result.

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The total is still a lot of candles and I am working on getting my candle inventory down to a smaller size.

Since we are under quarantine and I get to work from home I thought this would be a fun project. I would get to classify all my candles and see how many I had of each kind.

candle inventory

Now my candle inventory is not as large as some people’s but I still think it is quite a bit.

How big is my stash?

After counting I ended up with a total of 27 candles, including some that are not Bath and Body Works. This is a hefty amount in my opinion and I need to work on reducing that stash.

I did place myself on a candle no buy for the next few months. This means I will work through burning a few of these down before I can purchase any new ones.

The current stay at home policy means I have more time to burn candles, which is the silver lining in all of this.

I do enjoy my candles and I light one for about 3 hours at a time. Now that I am working from home I may do three separate burns per day.