Welcome to the Carnival of Snowflaking June 2nd edition

We all know that every snowflake is different, even though they are all essentially the same thing. The same rule applies to the following posts on snowflaking in its various forms. Everyone has a different take on snowflaking but in the end we all have the same goals.

snowflake1 Chargrylls presents Seek Out Opportunities to Snowflake Big

posted at Debt Non Sequitur .

Here you really have to actively look for opportunities to snowflake in order to find them. Once you start to find the snowflaking opportunities you will find the going gets much easier.

snowflake2 Paidtwice presents Do You Have To Snowball To Snowflake?

posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already… .

Paidtwice looks at the idea that you can snowflake amounts at different times for various reasons. Although snowballing refers to debt repayment, you do not need to be sending in micro payments just to bring down debt. You can snowflake to savings if that is your goal and still be up to date with the the concept.

snowflake3 Finance Girl presents Search Craigslist?s Wanted Section for "Accidental" Snowflakes

posted at Finance Gets Personal .

I liked the part about someone wanting the rabbit ears she has and that she could possibly get $10 for the ‘junk’ in her basement. It just brings to mind the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

snowflake4 Amy presents Fighting the Slump

posted at My Daily Dollars .

Amy looks at snowflaking from the point of spreading out her debt payments and keeping the flow of energy and cash going. She likes to feel that she is constantly working on paying things down instead of just waiting until the end of the month to make one lump payment.

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