I need to make some changes to my budget again. This is ok because budgets are not supposed to be fixed. They should change to fit your needs whenever a big change occurs.

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The big change here will be smaller paychecks as I will be contributing more to my retirement accounts. I just found out that I was missing out on some contributions that I could have made. While it is nice to get a larger paycheck now, saving for my future is important as well.

I will have to wait until the next pay cycle occurs in September as we do not get paid over the summer. It will not change my actual check by a huge amount but I will need to change some percentages in a few categories. I ran the numbers to see what I would be comfortable with and just knowing that it is growing my retirement is a huge relief.

The biggest benefit is this is going to be pre-tax savings so it is better than getting it in my paycheck and depositing to savings. I would then be paying taxes on the interest earned from the savings! This way I get to pay less in taxes and have the tax deferred on the interest earned.