I was in the grocery store getting some eggs and going through my routine of checking the eggs for breakage. I do this by opening the carton and scanning the tops and sides of the eggs.

I then lift each egg out and look the bottom and the sides I did not initially see before moving on to the next egg.

I make sure to check all twelve of the eggs and if I find one cracked egg I will move on to a new carton. This means I may spend about two minutes checking at times before I find an unblemished carton but it is worth it as I do not want to purchase any cracked eggs.

img from seriouseats.com

One lady stopped me and said she just grabs a carton and goes away and if she finds any cracked or broken eggs when she is ready to use them then she just throws them away. She said it not worth it to check the eggs since a carton is less than a dollar.



I totally disagree because the thing I hate the most is to find a broken egg that has to be thrown away. With something so fragile WHY would you not check it before you bought it. I have found cartons where there were five or more broken eggs out of a set of twelve. That means if you just grabbed that carton you would be throwing away almost half of the eggs you bought because they could not be used.

I eat eggs every other day so it adds up over time and I just do not see the point of NOT checking and avoiding immediate wastage of my eggs.

Do YOU check your eggs?