Oops I just noticed that I am running out of HSA money. I have a Health Savings Account from way back when I actually had a job and I had been putting money into it every month. This was an excellent avenue for me because of the tax breaks but once I lost that job I was no longer allowed to add to the account.

I had just been using the money in the account to pay for my monthly birth control because that is really the only medical expense I have on a regular basis. Since I am now a student and I have the not-so-great insurance I have to pay more for my pills out of pocket so the Health Savings Account money from previous years was  a life saver.

img. from credobanka.com

img. from credobanka.com

I just logged in to the account (as I am now about to do my taxes) and I see that I currently have less than $75 left on the account. This means that I will run out of money there after just a few more months of getting my prescription filled.

On the bright side I will now be paying for my pills directly off my credit card (and paying it off in full of course!!!) so I can now earn cash back for doing something that I need to do every month. I will be sad to see my Health Savings Account card go away but I really will have no use for it once the money runs out.

I will get a new Health Savings Account once I graduate and get a real job and qualify for the HSA, but until then there is not much I can do given my limited income and the limited choices I have with regards to insurance.