Everyone at my office goes out and buys something for lunch. The funny thing about it is almost everyone here lives within ten minutes of the office so they can easily go home for lunch. But they choose to go out and spend even more money at restaurants every day.

I bring my lunch to work. If I have time to cook then I bring the leftovers and heat them up in our microwave in the office. If I am in a hurry or I did not have anything left over from the previous day then I make a sandwich. In any case I do not spend extra money during the week to buy lunch.

People may look at me funny but I do not care. I cannot afford to blow all of my money on lunches every day at some restaurant…..so I just don’t do it.

One thing I do not understand is why people try to make you feel like less of a person just because you do not buy lunch every day. I think that even if I could afford it I would not be buying lunch every day.

Part of it is that I am a fussy eater and the other part just does not see the point in spending all that money every day when you can just do it at home and bring it in with you.

So anyway I bring my sandwishces in ziplock bags and I will continue to clear bag as long as I can.