Welcome to Money Mondays!

 This is where I track my cash inflows and outflows for the week. I will not post the following two items for personal reasons:


-rent information

Everything else will be listed and is a total of my spending on items for the prior week.

(If you are not reading this post at www.howisavemoney.net or in your feed reader, it may have been stolen from my site.)

This week my financial outflows were:

$32.00 for my phone bill. This is my portion of the shared bill.

$124.36 for gas. I live in a place that uses gas and electricity.

$83.72 for the electric bill.

$52.68 for household items including a laundry hamper. I use two hampers for laundry and one of them fell apart. It was a mesh hamper and I’ve had it for almost two years.

$142.62 for food items for the month. I have been trying to shop for the month and only make one trip to the store. If I really need anything else I will make a second trip in 2 weeks.

This week my financial inflows were:

$25.92 from Lending Club. This is from loans that have been paid plus any interest on those loans.

$25.00 as a Google play credit from redeeming some points. I chose this option so I can play Pokemon Go with my friends in other states.