Every Friday I post about my finances for the week in an effort to monitor my income and expenses. I used to post all of the actual figures but I have recently decided to stop doing this.

I will now post SOME of my actual expenses and leave the rest to your imagination.

This week my income was:

$10 in gift cards via Swagbucks.

This week my expenses were:

$9.94 including shipping for some address labels. Yes I know I don’t NEED pre-printed address labels but I love having them because they make shipping so much easier and they are so CUTE!!!

Plus I ordered them via swagbucks and I will earn 6 swagbucks per dollar for the purchase along with the 1% cash back from using my credit card.

I am not in a rush to get them so I used the slowest shipping available and should have them in about 21 days.