Welcome to Money Friday!

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This week’s financial checkup is happening a few days late. I really did not spend anything much to track so it was not available for Monday like normal.

This week my financial outflows were:

$295.74 for a chest of drawers. Since I moved last November I have been eyeing new furniture. I bought items slowly over time, with one or two items per month. First I bought my sofa as I could use it in the living room and could also sleep on it while waiting for my bed.

I decided to wait on a bedroom set because I just could not find anything I really liked at a reasonable price.Finally I decided to get this one set in March… 4 months after moving.

104.98 to file my taxes. I have no idea how that happened since I thought I was being really careful to select the cheaper option each time. I did go back and review some areas and I think the system jumps you up to the more expensive option then. In any case I had already clicked the payment button and it could not be reversed. I am really upset as that cuts significantly into my already tiny refund. It is my fault and I will just have to pay closer attention next year.

This week my financial inflows were:

$50 from redeeming some credit card points.

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