I’ve been wasting food and I am sad this happened. Recently I have been purchasing more fresh foods. Even though I purchased them to eat I have not been using everything up.

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I would buy fruits and vegetables in bulk or get them on sale so I could save money. So why did I move to buying more fresh fruits and vegetables?

This is in an effort to eat healthier as I

-have gained some weight

-am getting older

-had a health scare

I did not purposely set out with the goal of wasting food. It is just something I noticed over the last couple of weeks.

Mushrooms would stay in the fridge and get watery or grow mold. Bananas would go brown….I can only eat them semi-green. Tomatoes would go mushy and so on.

This situation upset me because I feel bad about wasting food so much. I am trying to be better this month, especially since this is the start of a new month.

Throwing away spoiled food means I am still hungry and have to replace those items. That is akin to simply throwing my money away. Throwing money away is NOT saving money.

In fact it negates any saving I may have gotten from buying in bulk or buying on sale.

Steps I can take to avoid wasting food:

-buy smaller portions

-plan meals

-plan snacks

Following these simple steps should help me to use my food before it goes bad. This way I can avoid having food spoilage.

What do you do to avoid wasting food?