I recently saved $20  on a $54 purchase by splitting transactions. I bought three items but had a coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase.

I noticed that the coupon did not have restrictions on the use so I thought if I split the transactions I could maximize the use of the discount.

Item 1 cost: $25.99

Coupon savings: $10.00

Paid: $17.31 (tax included)

The other two items came up to $25.50 so I made that into the second purchase and saved $10 there as well. If I had lumped everything together I would only have saved a total of $10. Now I was only able to do this because the coupon did not have any restrictions it.

Also, the cashier was easygoing and did not hassle me about making two separate purchases. The store was not busy so I was not holding anyone back.

Now you may not always be able to do this because usually coupons say one per customer or one per transaction and the cashier may not always want you to split transactions. If you can use this tip then it will be a good way to save some money by maximizing your coupon use!!!