Did you know you could use unloved conditioner as a pre-shampoo treatment? This will help save money because you don’t have to throw away the bottles that you just don’t love.

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Old way

Too many times I end up with a bottle of conditioner that just does not work. I either don’t like the scent, or the way it makes my hair feel after I shampoo. In the past I just threw those away and chalked up my losses.

I realize I wasted a lot of money not getting much use out of a product. I wanted to find a way to save money, even if I did not like the conditioner.

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New way

Recently I have been deep conditioning my hair before washing and using a light conditioner after shampoo. I thought I could just use those bottles I would normally throw away. If I did not like the scent it would be shampooed away. If I felt it was not moisturizing enough, then my after-shampoo conditioner would do the trick.

Photo by Clean Wal-Mart

Photo by Clean Wal-Mart