Do you need a little bit of extra money this Christmas? We all do. How about getting $25 for about 7 minutes of work? That sounds even better right?

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.All you have to do is check out Prosper and become a lender. Prosper is offering ALL new lenders who sign up during this promotion a sign up bonus of $25. Look at the big banner going across the top of this page if you don’t believe me.

I became a lender at Prosper and I am quite happy with the decision. If you are not familiar with Prosper here is a quick and dirty rundown of everything.

Prosper is a peer to peer lending service that offers two things to members.

  1. Low rates to borrowers
  2. High rates to lenders

Prosper offers a low rate to people who need to borrow money. Instead of getting a personal loan at a bank or credit union you can set up your Prosper loan and get money to pay off those credit cards with high interest rates.

Prosper offers a high rate to lenders because they can earn a better return on money than having it sitting in a low interest savings account. There is some risk involved in lending but Prosper offers many resources to help you to make the best lending decision possible.
Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.