A few months ago I bought my glasses online in order to try to save some money. The glasses that I wanted were going to cost me around $400-$500 to get them from a brick and mortar store.

I ended up getting them online for a grand total of $75 from Hong Kong. I was afraid that the glasses would be messed up or would not fit me properly…but to my surprise they were perfect.

I verified them by going to a physical store to get them adjusted and found that they were just right.

NiceGlassesOver at Life Hacker there is a post that is generating a lot of talk because it is about getting cheap glasses online. While there are a few people who are still afraid of getting their prescriptions filled online (and from a foreign country) there are comments posted by readers (including me) who have done just that.

Once you send in all the correct measurements and the prescription you can get your glasses for MUCH cheaper than buying at your local eye place. Go ahead and check out the post and be sure to read the comments as they are very interesting. They even gave me some new sites to check out so that I can get my next pair of glasses online.