So I am still looking for a job and it is harder than I thought. I have joined a number of job boards and posted my resume in a few different places. I got referrals from people who thought there might be openings but all I was told is they will keep my resume on file.

I have gotten  a TON of rejections and they mainly stem from two major issues:

-I am overqualified

-I lack experience

It is so extremely frustrating to be overqualified for some of the jobs that I am interested in and for the hiring managers to exclude me based on that. Since the salary is posted I know what I will be getting paid so does it really matter. If I want to work for that…and the pay is about what I was making at my last job, I did not look at low paying jobs…..then why not hire me.

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It is even more frustrating to be told that I do not have X number of years of experience in the jobs that I am qualified for. I am getting really frustrated right now on top of all the other issues that surround this job hunt and I need to get something soon before I lose my mind.

Luckily I have not had to dip into the emergency fund yet because my salary was still coming in….I am glad I chose the 12-month-small-paycheck option instead of the 10-month-large-paycheck option when I signed on at my last job.

It has technically only been one month since I have not worked but it feels like FOREVER. I know that people have been unemployed for months and months but I really need to get a new job before the end of August so keep me in your prayers!