Last month I decided to go on a declutter spree and try to use up some of my stashes. I wrote a post called Burn Baby Burn where I was focused on getting rid of the Sundrenched Vineyard candle. That candle was  finished in three days like I predicted…and  I also finished Marshmallow Fireside.

I was not on a mission to finish the Marshmallow Fireside but it is my favorite candle. Because I love it so much I burn it almost every day, even though I am not trying to do so.

Declutter target: candle

The next candle on  my declutter list is Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte.


This candle is on my list because it was very disappointing to me. I love the fragrance in the body cream so I thought this candle version would be great. The candle scent, or throw, when lit is not very strong. I can barely smell it even when in the same room.

I usually burn candles in my bathroom since it is connected to my bedroom. With most other candles I get a pleasant but not too strong whiff of the burning candle when in my bedroom watching tv. With this particular candle I really don’t notice it unless I am close to the bathroom door.

I will definitely burn this one every day so I can get rid of it and make space for the Christmas candles that will be coming out soon.

Are you on a decluttering mission?

Would you like to see me do reviews of the candles and other items I am using up?

Let me know in the comments!!!!