Hello everyone,

I used to go to CVS quite a bit to take advantage of their Extra Bucks cash back program. It was easy for me because there was a CVS on my way to church and work and I got the Sunday newspaper, which was full of coupons, for FREE.

I then moved out here for school and it has not been so easy. There was not a CVS close by and the local newspaper did not have all the coupon inserts that I used to get. I would also have to pay for the paper so it just did not seem cost effective.

Recently a new CVS opened right across from the school. What is great about it is that I have to walk right past the store in order to get to my car. I have also gotten a few coupons for free lately so I can use those as well.


I was given a free $10 CVS gift card so that will be the basis for me starting up my CVSing once more. I am going to use the little spreadsheet to track my purchases and coupons used, and will report how much I spent out of pocket. My goal is to have this be as close to zero as possible.