Thanksgiving went by quietly for me as I spent time with friends at home instead of getting into the shopping madness. We cooked a LOT of food, ate at different houses, watched television and talked.

We talked A LOT!!!

This year everyone was being a little more aware of the bad financial situations that others faced so the focus was on sharing food and spending time with each other instead of giving the fanciest gifts. I think that was very nice but I also think that some of them will lose their minds when it comes to the Christmas gifts.

In any case, it is getting colder and Christmas trees are going up…so let’s see what happens.

I have already made it known that I will not be indulging in the lavish gift giving, partly because of my situation, so everyone knows what to expect. I did have a gift fun in ING that was set up for Christmas etc. so there will be a few small gifts going out because they were already budgeted for months in advance.

What are your plans for Christmas?