I do not have a ‘valentine’ this year so I will be spending the weekend alone. Well I will not be strictly alone because Dinero will be with me but it will be just another ordinary Saturday for me this year.

I might go out of town to get myself a nice lunch since the dinky little town I live in does not have a Red Lobster. Boo!!!!!

My Saturdays are usually spent doing laundry and other chores so I think this year I will laze around the house and pamper myself and try to enjoy some alone time.

heart1I have a set of CSI (all versions) and Nip Tuck that I have not watched for the past two weeks so I am going to have a marathon on Saturday.

I am going to do laundry on Friday so that Saturday I can lie around and watch shows all day…but not feel guilty on Sunday.

What are you doing this year for Valentine’s Day?

(image taken from MySpace)