How often do you wash your car? I washed my car yesterday using the cheapest auto wash I could find. It actually cost $4 but it was your basic lather and rinse with a dry. There was no undercarriage wash, no wax and there was not even a pre-rinse. The soap just spurted out once the car was in the bay and then the rinse came on.

I used the automatic car wash because I think this is a very effective and easy way to wash your car for those of us who do not enjoy the task.

It was one of those ‘soft touch’ washes with the spinning tassels that act like a brush but they made one pass to the front and one to the back and then it was  all over.

free car wash

The main reason for the wash was to get bird poop off my car. I live in a place that is horribly dusty and cannot afford covered parking right now so my car is always dusty. In just one week the car looks like the way it would look after a month of no washing in other places that I have lived.

I have decided that since I cannot get away from the dust right now I would just go for the cheap $4 wash every week. I can always splurge a little bit for a better wash and options like wax etc. every other month or so.

I am not getting the low priced wash in an effort to save money, although that is a nice side effect. I just do not really get the point of buying the more expensive wash when I will need to wash the car so often because of the dust issue. Will getting the more expensive wash be a better deal if I do them less often?

What do you guys think?

How often do you wash YOUR car? What kind of wash do you get?