Welcome to How I Save Money.

Most of my regular readers will notice a new CVS Page in the top navigation bar. I have been tracking my purchases at CVS ever since I started and I have accumulated a nice stash of ECBs that I have used to get items for free.

I am not the expert on CVS and coupons BUT I have been working hard on improving my purchase to out of pocket expense ratio. As a result, I have built up a little following of people who read my weekly CVS adventures….especially since they want to make sure I don’t go overboard buying toothpaste (read comment #1).

I decided to make a CVS page to make it easier for my readers to track the journey with my coupons and ECBs since I have received emails and comments asking for this feature. I really do appreciate my readers and this is just a way to make life easier for them and have them keep coming back.

Luv ya all!!!!!