I had my six month cleaning done at the school again for FREE. Well not exactly totally free, because they do charge us a small fee every semester for medical services. But I did not have to pay any extra money and when they wrote out the bill I would have been charged $36 for the services received. So in a way it was free.

I really wanted to get X-Rays done but they did not think they were necessary since I just had some done in October. I will definitely have them done again when I go back in six months….because X-Rays done at a regular dentist cost upwards of $40 in these here parts!

So back to the cleaning. It went well in general so I was glad for that. I am lying in the chair with my mouth wide open trying not to cough all over the dental student. I had called the office earlier in the day to say that I was sick and coughing uncontrollably but they told me to come in still because they needed the patients. This was a bit disturbing because I was clearly coughing a bit. Then I read in our campus paper that the dental clinic was looking for people with bad teeth (not me I swear!) because the majority of tier clients have good teeth and the students need practice on something different. This made me think about my teeth….were they bad and is that why the receptionist told me to come in even though I was sick? I later found out that my teeth were not ‘dirty’ so my mind was put at ease.

Ok, now back to me in the chair. I am lying there looking at the ceiling and thinking about not coughing when SQUIRT! What? What just happened.


Ok this is is not funny…what is that SQUIRT. That was me. You know how sometimes your mouth will just squirt even though you are not doing anything? Okay….so maybe is JUST ME. The dental student was trying to push my tongue out of the way so she could get at my teeth and I just squirted her. Now the first time it happened I did not even realize what happened. The second time I tried to apologize but she said it was ok and that it happened all the time. Yeah right.

I was so embarrassed about spitting on the dental student that that was all I could think about for the rest of the session. I was told that I have been taking very good care of my teeth but I just need to floss more often to make sure I protect my gumline.

To sum it all up I got a cleaning for free and so I did save money by not having to go to a regular dentist. I also get a free thing of dental floss, a free toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste.