Okay folks here is my spending and saving update for the month of April. I will also be updating my net worth so you can look at the progress chart in the left side bar?..scroll down.

According to Net Worth IQ I now stand at ($9,937) for the month. This is a marginal improvement over last month but I am just thinking that slowly but surely I am whittling away at the debt. Now that I have a definite plan and I am putting my business all out there it has made me take this more seriously than I have since I started to accumulate the debt.

I just realized that I will have to do another post at the end of the month where I can give my total spending by category so maybe this idea of the mid month net worth update will have to be scrapped in favor of a month end net worth and income and expenditure mish mash of stuff.

I am still trying to think of another way that I can save money and get myself out of debt.