In my quest to save money and make money online I recently signed up for SocialSpark . This is a system much like PPP that allows advertisers to find you based on certain characteristics of your blog.

The neat thing with Social Spark is that they have mandatory nofollow links so that you do not get slapped again for having sponsorship that unfairly gets the benefit of good SEO by sending you some money.

They do adhere to a strict code of ethics as listed below:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

The above statements were taken directly from the site.

Social Spark is also a very social forum where instead of just being chosen because your blog has a high page rank. You are also chosen based on your participation in different things on the site and your interactions with other bloggers. Each time you do a review you are given a rating and this go a long way in determining what other opportunities you will be allowed to take in the future.

You are also allowed to take Sparks, which are unpaid but they are a good way to show your writing skills because advertisers can see the quality of your work even when there is no compensation involved. The Sparks also provide you with a good source for a topic during those times when you have bloggers block and cannot come up with a good post to write off the top of your head.

The one thing I found that is a little strange is that you have to wait for a confirmation email when you do get chosen for an opportunity. You then have twelve hours from the time you received the confirmation to write your post. In my case the confirmation always seems to come at some late hour of the night when I am fast asleep. I then wake up the next day and see that I only have thirty minutes to get the post out before it expires.

Under the other system it was easier to keep track of what opportunities you might get because it was readily available in the dashboard area but that is not the case here. They are always looking for tips to help improve the service and the customer service is very fast.

If you are trying to save money and you want to try to make money online then you should look at signing up for Social Spark too!!!!

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