Welcome to How I Save Money. I took the Bills IQ quiz to see what I knew about my bills and Credit card debt and I got an overall score of 82% which is a B . A low B at that. I barely scraped the B rating and this upsets me very much because I thought I had a better handle on my finances, even though I do not make a lot of money.

The Bills IQ site gives you a quiz and you pick the best answer as it relates to your current situation. The site then gives you a score and after that you can review some tips on how to better manage your credit and get a better life score.

Here is a breakdown of my scores for each section and the scores I received:

Credit 90%

Debt 82%

Budget 78%

Wealth 89%

Overall Score 82%

Grade B

I learned that even though I was able to tell the system that the rates on my credit cards are below 15% this was not good enough. I need to have even lower rates than that in order to make the best possible use of my credit. The one thing I noticed that the system did not take into account was that even though I might have a high rate on a card, it is at a zero balance and I always pay it off before the 20 day  grace period so I am not paying interest on any purchases but I am still getting cash back on the purchases.

I recommend that you take the quiz to see what they will give you for a score. It is a very short quiz and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Some of the questions are not very customizable but just pick the best one that fits your status right now.

Do YOU know what your bills IQ is?