1. The gym membership you never use.
If you have not been to the gym since the day you enrolled you can save your money by cancelling that memebrship.

2.The high interest rate credit card.
Transfer your balances to your lower rate cards and pay off that debt.

3.Your latte habit.
Do you REALLY need to buy that expensive designer triple mocha, non-fat,french vanilla latte with macadamia and cinnamon spritz EVERY day? Drink regular coffee every now and then to get your caffeine hit and you can save a few bucks a day.

4.The package deal.
Face it. You don’t even know what some of the extras on your phone bill are for, much less use them. Strip your phone (and cable) down to what you ACTUALLY use and save the few dollars on those little extras that add up over time.

5.Bulk mentality.
A competitive eater can do with a 50lb tub of pickles or 20qts of hot sauce. But the average Joe (this means YOU) really does not consume in bulk so be careful what you buy in bulk. Half the time the food ends up spoiling before you can use it so then what was the point of your ‘bulk savings’. Just say no to those 19 gallon bottles of mayo….until you enter the competition.

6.The Jones.
If you are tired of trying to keep up with the Jones’ then get rid of them. Put away the feelings of insecurity and jealousy and focus on YOU. What do you need to get to where you want to be? Do not simply try to match up with what someone else has.

7.The tempter.
That friend you have who is always suggesting you go somewhere ‘nice’ to eat. Let them know that there are plenty of nice places that do not cost your credit card payment for just one meal. Make a suggestion that you can eat somewhere cheap sometime or better yet have a potluck at home.

8.The ‘premium’ premium.
Did you know you can lower your premium by having your deductible raised. Talk to your insurance company about this and see your premium fall and your savings rise.

9.Premium gas.
Your car will run on the basic gas. End of story.

10.Idle time.
Did you know that it uses more gas to idle for 15 seconds than for you to turn off the engine and restart the vechicle. Of course it is not practical to turn off the engine during rush hour traffic or at a long red light. It saves to turn off the engine when waiting for children to board so go ahead and save that gas money.