Here is a press release I got from Credit Karma that I wanted to share with you all.

For the first time, consumers can pull their full credit report for free on a weekly basis


SAN FRANCISCO, July 30, 2014 – Credit Karma, the consumer’s financial advocate serving more than 25 million people, today announced that everyone now has free access to their full credit report which can be refreshed as often as once weekly. Giving people free access to their full credit report, along with additional personalized context and resources, furthers Credit Karma’s mission to change the way credit works for consumers by providing more transparency and education. Historically, consumers have had to piece together data from multiple sources, often paying hefty one-time or subscription fees.


“For people to take control of their credit and financial health, they need frequent access to their credit reports and scores, and there hasn’t been a completely free and fully accessible solution until now,” said Ken Lin, CEO, founder and chief consumer advocate of Credit Karma. “Offering consumers their credit report for free is another example of Credit Karma’s commitment to leverage technology and big data to help consumers build confidence in managing their finances.”


Twenty-five percent of consumers have errors on their credit report that might affect their credit score,[1] and 33 percent have never checked their credit report.[2] Further, according to Credit Karma data, the average consumer’s credit score is 633.[3] A credit score of 720 is considered to be the threshold for a score that qualifies an individual for financial products with the best interest rates and benefits. Consumers traditionally have not understood how their credit works due to a lack of simple access to their credit data and information. Now, for the first time, consumers have a completely free and personalized solution.


In addition to traditional credit report data, including an overview of accounts, payment history, credit inquiries and public records, Credit Karma’s free full credit report will provide personalized information and options to help guide consumers by highlighting items that may require attention or action. For example, the report will identify items or recent changes that could be having a negative impact on credit health, such as a recent hard inquiry, accounts with missed payments or a credit card that shows high utilization (how much available credit is being used). As members explore these items, they will receive suggestions for next steps, such as learning more about a specific item and its impact on their credit profile or tracking for when a public record comes off their report.


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