This blog is mainly about how I find ways to save money and I have tried a LOT of different things in the past. I read other blogs to look for tips on things I can do to reduce my expenses so that I can work on reducing debt and building wealth.

I have found a few frugal tips out that have been great and there also a few that really freak me out!!!! I decided to start a little series of Frugal Tips That I will NOT try so you can get a better idea of some of the things I think are too extreme.

One of the tips that I will not follow is Reusable Bathroom Wipes. I once wrote a post about the Poopy Cloth Patrol where it talked about people who used reusable wipes in the bathroom. This was a popular topic among some of the more frugal bloggers as they would use the wipes instead of toilet paper and would then wash them and repeat the cycle.

I am all about finding ways to save money but I just cannot see myself washing and reusing toilet products. I currently use a combination of regular toilet paper, followed by a baby wipe so it just seems really strange to me to use a cloth wipe. People who argue FOR the use of the cloth wipes instead of toilet paper say that your underwear is soaking up your bodily fluids the same way that the wipes do. I think if you really have to get down to the nitty gritty of it you can say this is technically true, however the amount that your underwear ‘soaks’ on a regular day with proper hygiene should be negligible compared to what is REALLY soaked by a cloth wipe.

Proponents of the cloth wipes also argue that when you use this system you wash a batch of wipes together in one load but that people who use regular toilet paper wash their undies together with regular clothes, which is bad. I think this is also an overreaching statement because I don’t know what they are doing to have incredibly soiled undies that cannot be washed with other clothes. Besides isn’t the point of washing to get things clean?