Hello everyone

This is just a friendly reminder to get your masks and other PPE now before prices spike when school starts up. I’ve gotten two sets of masks so I think I’m good for a while.

Remember we are still facing this global pandemic of the COVID19. The cases were dropping for a while but started spiking again recently. I fully believe they will spike again once the fall semester starts.

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Students will be flying all over the country to return to classes. Airports and planes will be a rapidly growing hotspot for transmission of the virus. People will also be driving to campus. Students living on the dorms will be in close quarters in classes and in dining halls.

Masks are great for protecting everyone by limiting the spread of saliva and particles from coughing, sneezing, and speaking!!!

I’ve used these from Amazon and they are quite breathable but still leave me feeling confident I’m not spreading my germs to others. Remember masks protect others from your saliva so if everyone wears them we will be ok.

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