I have decided to buy mini bottles of perfumes instead of getting a Scentbird subscription. I normally wear one signature scent and use that up until it runs out. I recently bought a new perfume for Christmas that I really love and I have become more interested in wearing multiple scents during the week.

I heard about a site called Scentbird, where you can try out a perfume for a small fee every month, before deciding on getting a larger size. Scent bird lets you get 8ml of a scent for $14.95. The premise of Scentbird is that you pay the monthly fee and they send you different scent every month. You also have the option to choose which scent you want mailed to you, if you do not want to try the scent of the month.

I have gone back and forth for about two months trying to figure out if I wanted to use this subscription or not. I finally decided I would begin the program next month since I had been trying out fragrances at the mall. I have a good idea of a few that I like and I would just order those from Scentbird instead of relying on their picks.

I then found a bottle of perfume that I really liked today for $15.97 for 15ml. This was much cheaper than the subscription so I bought that instead. I then decided to buy mini bottles instead of getting the subscription since I would twice the amount of fragrance for one dollar more.

I can actually get the fragrances I want, in small bottles so that I don’t have to get the larger size, but save money on having a monthly subscription. If I decide to stop at 3 bottles then I do not have the hassle of trying to cancel a subscription and if I like the fragrance then I get double what I would have gotten with the service.