I’m thinking of starting back with CVS and using coupons there. I used to shop a lot at CVS a few years ago and actually did pretty well with the coupons.

Then I moved away to a different city and stopped. Now I’m ready to start back again.

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In the past I used coupons along with CVS rewards to save money. This enabled me to get a few items for free or very low cost. I did not go to extreme lengths like some people do. I also did not buy items that I would not use at all.

In fact I was able to set up a small reserve of backup items for things I use on a constant basis. This reserve would be anywhere from 2 to 4 backups of certain items like toothpaste or air fresheners.

My first CVS experience was about 11 years ago and it went smoothly. After that I was hooked for a little while. At that time I got free coupons in the newspaper so I was able to take advantage of the sales.

Then I moved to a town where coupon use was not as popular and I no longer received free coupons.

pile of coupons

Now I am back in a town where coupon use seems to be popular. I get a mailer in my mailbox that contains some of the coupons. There is a CVS about 5 minutes away from me (on the way to Walmart…my other favorite store!) so I could do my CVS trips before my regular shopping.

I don’t have any Extra Care Bucks so there will be an initial outlay of cash on my end. My plan is to spend:

  • no more than $5 on the first trip
  • and no more than $10 net at the end of the project.

To do this will require some careful planning. I will have to look at what items I have coupons for and that I have an upcoming need for. Then I will purchase that at CVS instead of at my regular grocery store. I will also modify the old spreadsheet I used in the past. This will now contain updated information starting with my first purchase this year.

Wish me luck!