Winter is ramping up and so is my electric bill. I am not a huge fan of winter and I really hate being cold.

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We are preparing for a huge winter snowstorm in my area today. It is supposed to start around 7 am and last until about 7pm. The prediction is for between 7 and 10 inches of snow!

I’ve already been running the heater non stop for the last few days. My central heat is set at 68 degrees and I wear a sweater and socks inside. I guess I’ll either have to wear thicker clothing or just prepare for a higher bill this month.

I don’t mind paying the electric bill because my comfort is a priority for me. The issue is just that this horrible winter is eating away at the money I could possibly be saving. Not being able to save as much as I want is frustrating for me. Luckily I have the budget to expand my utilities payments… I would just prefer to not have to do so.