After reading my Never go back to Fresno fund posting Shawn was inspired to rethink his savings strategy. Although he is not actively saving for anything right now he does have an emergency fund in place that he is constantly adding to. He begs the question Do YOU have a savings account?

I think that this is very important for all of us to have right now. Even if you can only put $1 a month into the account I think you should go ahead and set one up. I started mine with only $1 then increased to $2 and now it is at $3 which is my regular deposit into the account.

I also save the pennies and quarters and other miscellaneous money I find on the street and put in a jar. When I do get the jar full (actually it is cool whip plastic tub and not a jar…but I digress) I take it to the bank and make a deposit. This money then gets transferred to my savings account online.

In addition to my regular $3 a month transfers to my online savings account I put a little bit of the ‘unexpected’ money that I randomly get during the month. If I get paid $5 for doing a paid posting or if I get a payout from Cash Duck or Deal Barbie then I send off money to the never go back to Fresno fund. Sometimes that amount is $5 and sometimes it is $1 but I always do it because I need to MAKE myself save something during the month.

So don’t be ashamed if you can only save $1 a month…no one has to know but you.