I have been REALLY stressed out lately with the surgery, work and my finances so I was looking for a way to deal with all of that.

I got some of The Sedona Method audio samples and decided to give that a try to see if it would help. I also have the full version of “The Sedona Method Course”, which runs through 20 cds. Now this looked daunting at first but I put the cds in my car and listened to them as I drove to and from work. I also listened to the cds during my lunch break so I managed to get through the course in less time than I expected.

The basic underlying thing I took from the course focused on three questions:

Could You?

Would You?


Now this seems simple enough but when you dig deeper you really see how these three questions can apply to every aspect of your life?

Could You?

Could You refers to the fact that we tend to hold on to many things that we think are important. The course encourages you to think about if you could let that feeling of helplessness go. Could you let go of the negative feelings and negative thoughts you have about something or someone?

In my situation I was having some MAJOR conflicts with someone at work. I got up every morning dreading seeing that person and I spent a lot of time thinking about what that person would do that day to make my life miserable.

I started listening to the cds and found that I was actually giving that person more power over me by obsessing about what would happen each time we had to interact. The Sedona Method Course encouraged me to think about letting the thoughts go. Could I let go of thinking about this person and all the negative feelings I had? Yes I could.

Would You?

Now even if I could, at that moment in time, let go of what I was thinking I had to move on to the next step. Would I actually take a breath and let go of the thoughts and feelings? It was much harder for me to do that part because I wanted to think negative thoughts and dislike the person.

I went through a few more exercises and then attempted ‘Would You’ again and found that this time it became a little easier to let go of the feelings. I have not completed the cycle with this person but that is okay. You do not have to get through all three stages at once and it is unreasonable to expect that I will be hugging and kissing this person who has caused me so much grief in the past. I am on the way and I feel better about waking up and going to work now….although I still have some issues to work out.


When will you completely let go of the thoughts and feelings about something and just allow the thing to exist? I was not able to get to this point with my work issue but I did get to it with one part of my financial journey.

I stopped worrying about my upcoming medical bills, although I still monitor the situation closely. Getting to the ‘When’ part of letting go with the Sedona Method does not mean that you ignore something.

What it means is that you stop letting the situation completely take over your life and place your energies on getting the things done that make your life easier. I started to feel better about my finances once I completed this stage with one area of my finances and then some good things started happening. (Thank you Paul!)

I am by no means in a state of mindless bliss…..but I am a tiny bit less stressed. I am applying the Sedona Method to more areas of my life one by one and seeing how far I can get with each one.

Changing my mindset really makes a difference so I encourage you to listen to the samples and try out the Sedona Method yourself too.