Happy New Year everyone!!!! Time to welcome 2021 and start off fresh with our finances. The time has come once again to ring in the New Year.

Most people are getting ready to set their resolutions for the new year. This usually includes some financial goals!

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happy new year 2021
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I do not have ‘resolutions’ for the year. What I plan on doing is simply working on a few things I’ve already done in the past.

Continuing items in the New Year


I want to continue saving 50% of my income from now until June. We do not get paid over the summer so my savings will have to take me through those months until the first paycheck for the Fall semester hits.

Reduce spending

I want to reduce unnecessary spending every month. Last year I spent a LOT on candles. While I did include the amount in the monthly budget, it was too much. I only bought candles when they were on sale… but there were many sales.

At one point I had 27 candles but I think I had up to 46 some time before that. I get a lot of enjoyment from the candles and I do not have anything else I spend on. We have been at home since mid March 2020 so I did not buy new clothes and I rarely ordered food for takeout. Candles were my way to spoil myself and my home smelled fantastic ALL day.

Tweak budget

It seems I am always tweaking my budget. This is because the budget is a constantly changing document depending on my current situation. This year I am trying out the rolling budget once more. I want to roll every month from January through December. This means any positive or negative balances will continue to the next month. I’m expecting a big change starting in June, because of the paycheck changes. My budget will then continue for the next few months until paychecks start again.

Those are my simple, broad financial goals for the new year. I do have some other smaller, intermittent goals that I am tracking in Mint.

I’m looking forward to a financially prosperous 2021 and wish the same for you all as well.