I’ve been looking at apartments for fun. I don’t need to move just yet but looking is fun. Looking at apartments now when I am not under pressure is much easier than looking when I actually need to move.

I like getting a feel for what I really like, especially after living here for two years. My current place is a townhouse and that has its pros and cons. I’ve lived in flat type apartments before that, both on the ground floor and on the second floor. I now have a really good idea of what I want in my next place and what I could do without.

Things I’d like in my next place:

  • Second floor
  • Two bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • Balcony
  • In Unit Laundry

I’d really love to have a second floor apartment with no one above me. My current place is a townhouse and I just feel very uncomfortable with ground floor access to every side of my home. I love being able to stomp around and not having anyone complain about the noise. What I love even more is not having anyone stomp around above me so that I have to complain about the noise.

I only need one bedroom but I would love to have a second one so I can use for my office and have space for guests. I would additionally love to have a second bathroom for convenience. My current place has the extra bedroom but only has one bathroom. I keep my bathroom clean but I would just love to have a second space for guests.

A balcony on the second floor would be awesome. I can let the cat out every day to hang out without worrying. There is no need to worry that a mountain lion or some other wildlife can swoop down on her if I live on the second floor. I also have less worry about creatures crawling in when I am higher up.

Having a washer and dryer in the apartment is an absolute must have for me. I would prefer if the apartment came with units but I am prepared to buy my own if needs be. I’ve gotten accustomed to doing laundry inside my apartment and cannot go back to that laundry room life!

What do you look for when looking at apartments?