Welcome to Money Mondays! 

 This is where I track my cash inflows and outflows for the week. I will not post the following two items for personal reasons:


-rent information

Everything else will be listed and is a total of my spending on items for the prior week.

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This week my financial outflows were:

$43.75 to fill up my car. We have to start going back into the office three days a week so I want to start off the week with a full tank. I think I might be buying gas twice a month since it is cold. I will be running the heater every time I am in the car because it started to snow again and it is freezing all the time.

$124.04 on household items including some drain cleaner for the tubs. I got slow draining in the master tub so I want to fix that as soon as possible.

$3.05 for a prescription refill. I hope I can get off this medication soon because it was supposed to be temporary. The goal was to be off it by February 2022 so hopefully I can do that.

$104.95 on groceries. I go to the store every week to get fresh fruit or vegetables and usually end up getting other food. I could probably last a month on canned and frozen items, so weekly shopping is not a big need. Now that we are buried under piles of snow I may go every two weeks because I hate being out in the cold.