This year is really my year to magnetize money to my life!!! I have a few $25 loans over at Lending Club and I was sad to see one loan go into default a few months ago. The balance that the person owes me is about $20.00 and since I only invested what I could ‘afford’ to lose I was not too disturbed by that one account.

Then I noticed that one person decided to pay off his or her loan EARLY so I got $21.60 deposited into my Lending Club account in one month instead the usual $8.00.


I am paying off MY Lending Club loan early as well using a number of snowflakes and I should be through paying off that account at the end of this month. I will then use that money to snowball payments to my Citi visa because that is the next high interest balance that I am carrying.

I think that because I decided to pay off my loan early I am getting the good karma back in someone else paying off his or her loan early..with that amount being more than the account that is now in default.

I decided to roll that payment over into another $25.00 loan so I am inviting all the karma fairies to bless me with this new loan.

Would YOU have rolled the money into a new loan or would you just take the money and run? Talk it up in the comments!